Backworld is an American neofolk band founded in 1993 by singer/composer Joseph Budenholzer in New York's East Village. Playing their early shows at CBGB, drawing on eschatological themes and fin de siecle mysticism, their folk/classical leanings were a sharp contrast to the no wave and noise-rock bands of the NY music scene at the time. They are now recognized as the main American progenitors of the apocalyptic folk and neoclassical genres and recently released their eight studio album “For the Life of the World.” In addition Budenholzer has written three operas including an adaptation of the Francis Thompson poem  “The Hound of Heaven,” describing his work as paraliturgical theatre. Over the years collaborators have included David Tibet & Michael Cashmore (Current 93), Drew McDowall (Coil), Anohni, Little Annie, Lydia Lunch, Isobel Campbell (Belle and Sebastian), Jarboe (Swans), Maya Hardinge, and Obie Award winning Ridge Theater.